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Pilates Class

We aim to introduce every individual to our studio in as safe and positive way as possible. Most people benefit from a one on one or in a group introductory workshop. However if you are already experienced in pilates you will need to have a chat to help select the most appropriate class for you. 

Book a one on one with Carolyn to asses your spinal alignment and any muscle imbalances you may have. Learn the basic fundamentals of pilates to enable you to start in level 1 classes. You will also be given appropriate exercises for your postural type taking into consideration any medical conditions, to practice at home. 


(Conditions such as sciatica, disc prolapse and Osteoporosis can be helped with specific pilates exercises). 

Cost is £55.00 per person

To book call 07870 208601 or click here

Book on to a 2 hour beginner group workshop with Carolyn. During this time you will learn the basic fundamentals, neutral spine, correct core engagement along with exercises to give you confidence and knowledge to attend a level 1 class. Those with injury or conditions such as back pain, Osteoporosis, disc prolapses can all attend these workshops. (Although advice and exercises may be tailored following a screening). 


Cost is £20 per person 

These workshops run on various Saturdays throughout out the year.

To book call 07870 208601 or click here

Already practicing pilates, to establish the most appropriate level for you all we need is a chat on the phone.

To book call 07870 208601 or click here

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