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"After moving to leek. Carolyn has helped me get back on track with Pilates after suffering two bad back episodes. I’ve been doing Pilates for years and she is one of the best instructors I have had."


Fran Ward



"Carolyn and her team are fantastic teachers, classes are great fun and really do cater for all abilities and ages... I LOVE it…"


Lisa Grattidge



"Fantastic friendly classes taken by professional enthusiastic instructors who look after all levels and abilities. Love Pilates…"


Phil Staples



"I have been training with Carolyn for over 7 years. Within weeks of starting Pilates my back pain started to ease.  7 years on I am as fit as I ever was.  An amazing teacher who gives us something new every week…"


Martin Wedgwood



"So lucky to have such a wonderful Pilates studio in our area. Highly experienced instructors and fun too…"


Judy Docksey



"Best Pilates teacher I have ever had.  When I started with Carolyn at 40 my spine moved like I was ten years older.  Within a year I had moved up two levels, improving week on week.  I would never give up this class, it’s always challenging and the results just keep coming…"


Steph Goodwin



"Have been attending for 10 years, wonderful teachers always a challenge with a warm welcome and encouragement. My flexibility has improved 100% keeps me young"


Kay Farrington

"Carolyn Bews classes are the best Pilates going…Totally dedicated to her performance and instruction she is a gifted and inspirational teacher. Always innovative and consistently inspiring, her classes are thoughtfully varied and adapted to the levels and needs of her clients."


David Walters



"Through Carolyn’s expertise and support I have been able to recover from a lower back operation by starting with basic Pilates and slowly becoming more advanced. Within a class situation Carolyn and her team demonstrate different options for each exercise and gives you something to aim for, being committed to classes makes Pilates work for you..."


Jan Howarth



"My osteopath recommended Pilates to support me with difficulties with my back. What I can say is everything has improved, my posture, the back pain and my overall confidence, at the end of the session I feel so relaxed. I would recommend the Pilates studio to everyone, it has changed my life"


K Bailey



"Pilates I know will be with me for life, I go to a class every week and don’t like missing a session.  Carolyn makes the class fun and we learn and progress at the same time. I have never been so flexible and loose and as a golfer my swing has improved to..."


Nel Boulton



"Fantastic knowledgeable instructors in a fabulous studio. I’ve been going for years and would not go anywhere else…"


Helen Burns



"Great Pilates instruction here with Carolyn, Sam and Michelle"


Jeremy Annabel

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